The ION Systems Solution

ION Clean Energy is the industry leader in post-combustion carbon capture technologies. What sets ION apart is our suite of state-of-the-art technologies that not only capture over 90% of CO2 emissions, they also significantly reduce the operating and capital costs for virtually any source of CO2 emissions—from industrial power plants, to research laboratories, and other commercial or industrial facilities, including fossil and bio fuel, cement, aluminum, steel, and refineries.

ION’s Technology Suite combines the most advanced liquid absorption system in the world with a patented state-of-the-art 3D-printed packing system and near real-time systems monitoring and analysis, all of which, when combined, save millions of dollars in both capital and operating costs for facilities seeking to reduce their CO2 emissions.

ION Advanced Liquid Absorption System—(ALAS)

ION’s Advanced Liquid Absorption System (ALAS) has been demonstrated in both small and large-scale commercial testing facilities and has consistently outperformed the industry standard MEA solvent in post-combustion capture efficiency. Based upon an independent techno-economic-analysis (TEA) performed by Sargent & Lundy, during which ION’s ALAS was compared to MEA (the current industry standard solvent), ION’s system demonstrated a 38% reduction in incremental capital costs and a 28% reduction in the incremental annual operating and maintenance costs, resulting in a total cost of CO2 capture between $39 – $45/tonne. ION’s ALAS does not require a unique process to function at full capacity. It uses capture processes that have existed for decades, which makes it easily scalable for larger commercial projects.

ION Modular Adaptive Packing (MAP) 

ION’s patent-pending Modular Adaptive Packing™ (MAP) technology is a revolutionary new approach to one of the most expensive aspects of CO2 capture: gas/liquid contacting devices. ION has leveraged the power of 3D printing to create optimal gas/liquid contacting devices that have been successfully benchmark tested against the best commercially available optimized packing designs. 3D printing gives ION’s engineers the ability to completely reimagine the structure and design of G/L contacting devices to optimize cooling, mass transfer, liquid hold-up, and pressure drop. The use of ION’s MAP in the capture process results in significant cost reductions in both capital and operational expenditures.

ION Multi-Liquid-Analyzer (MLA)

ION’s patent-pending, groundbreaking Multicomponent-Liquid Analyzer™ (MLA) is a device that is capable of evaluating, in near real time, concentrations of multiple components in a liquid composition. The practical application of the MLA in a capture facility allows ION to monitor and evaluate the composition of the solvent used in the capture process without system down time.



Fuel for the power plant is burned in the boiler. Steam from the fuel drives the turbines that power the facility. CO2 is emitted during the production process and released into the environment if there is no carbon capture process in place.



Flue gas rich with CO2 is directed into an absorption tower. ION’s Advanced Liquid Absorbent contacts the CO2-heavy flue gas and absorbs the CO2. Flue gas, now free of CO2, is returned to the stack and safely and cleanly released into the atmosphere.



The ION absorbent, now loaded with CO2 (“rich solvent”) is directed to the regeneration section of the process. The Liquid Absorbent is then heated, which strips our the CO2. The captured CO2 is then sent to be compressed and transported for utilization in a variety of industries or for permanent sequestration.